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“My second time ever receiving reiki was from Navé. My session with Navé was such a beautiful and profound experienced. She provided a pre analysis and detailed explanation to her methods of reiki which I loved. Navé not only held the space to explore my internal work but to transform these areas into healing.
This session left me feeling nourished and full of radiance. I couldn’t recommend Navé enough!!“
– MM

“I had been open to the experience of Reiki for a while, but I didn’t really know where to start. So, when Navè told me that she was certified I was excited to try it. I love how we sat down at the beginning of the session to go over the process, and she explained how she determined which chakras were blocked and where she would focus her healing energy on. The entire process felt very personal from the selection of essential oils and crystals and creating an affirmation suited for me. The session itself was relaxing and really powerful. In the days following our session, I felt really clear and balanced. If you have been thinking about trying Reiki, I can’t recommend Navè enough!” – K.G.

“Reiki with Navè is such a special experience. If you have trouble relaxing, Navè provides the space for you to cultivate it. She is a knowledgeable, caring practitioner and caters the session to what you need. Highly recommend!” – MG

“Being new to Reiki I was unsure of what I would experience. Navé has an incredible way of explaining Reiki to educate and empower you with the knowledge and culture behind this healing process. My session brought me to a different level of connection with my mind, body and soul that I was unaware I was capable of experiencing. During the session I felt as if something was brushing away from my face like a soft feather brushing your skin. It was a freeing moment that grounded me to my mind like no other. I cannot thank Navé enough for sharing her gift with the world as she has a true passion for healing others. I will be incorporating many more Reiki sessions into my healing journey! Thank you Navé for this unifying experience!” – KM

“Navé is the type of person that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever the first time you meet her. Her passion for Reiki illuminates the room. She makes you feel comfortable and makes sure you understand the process of the session. Navé is a true inspiration to becoming your best self!” -AP

“My journey with Navé started with counseling. I love how she incorporates so many different methods into her practice. I remember the first time I talked with her, she made me feel so understood and at peace. I had never tried Reiki before working with her. I loved it!! I was able to feel a difference in my energy with a lifting of the blockages I had with my chakras sloughing off. I loved learning more about reiki and how the process worked. I can’t wait to continue this journey with her!!” -CD

“Working with Navè has been transformative. Over the past few months, she has worked with me to discover and implement tools to help me with the relationship I have with myself and others.

In addition to the work we’ve done in my counseling sessions, she’s also introduced me to the energetic healing work of Reiki. One of the most remarkable moments from my first Reiki session was afterwards when she told me about each of the chakras and areas of my body that were blocked. I’ve experienced chronic neck and shoulder tension in and off for years, but since the pain is always there and I’ve gotten used to it, I didn’t mention it before our session when she asked if I had been experiencing any pain. The fact that she was able to pick up on my shoulder pain during the session was incredible. She also walked me through the crystals and essential oils used for my session and why they were selected for me. Navè created the perfect environment for the experience I needed in that moment.” – RM

“I started out as a client of Nave’s through counseling and was introduced to Reiki because it seemed to align with a lot of my needs. I started off being incredibly skeptical but ended up getting so much out of it. I loved learning about the different chakras and how each of them being blocked can affect me. I’m excited to see how this folds into my mental journey going forward.” – MT

“I initially started counseling with Navè and she introduced Reiki to me as a suggestion to better heal and release energies that no longer serve me. Because I had never done it before, I was both nervous and unsure of what was going to take place. She walked me through everything very well, and I learned so much in my first session. She always makes me feel comfortable whether in counseling or Reiki. My Reiki experience was pretty incredible – I had quite a lot of chakras blocked and my major side affects of the Reiki included crying and my legs shaking. Neither of these affects were negative – to me, it felt like a “shedding” of some sort in a positive/growth way. On top of that, I had a lot of warm sensations and overall calming feel. I had built up a lot over the last month or so, and this helped release. I can’t thank Navè enough for guiding me both in counseling and to Reiki in a positive way.” – SH

“Up to 3-4 days after my session, I felt honestly like a whole new individual. I felt rejuvenated, replenished and complete. Going into my session, I was exhausted, I was empty, all but 2 chakras were closed and unbalanced. It was extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend a session with Navè to anyone who’s open minded to this.” – AH

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