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Hi communities from all around the globe, Navè here! I am the creator of AOK with a passion for the Healing Arts which I creatively express through my profession as a Licensed Therapist and trained Healer.  I spent the last 10 years counseling others and in 2019 began following my Great Grandfather footsteps to become a Healer. After 2 years of exploring various forms of Natural Healing and have helped many clients’ ailments, I feel being a Licensed Therapist and trained Healer are my innate gifts.

If you want to explore AOK further with me to have a safe space for Counseling or deep mind, body and spirit healing…

Let’s definitely connect.


My Biggest Hopes and Dreams for The World: To learn to freely live as we wish as long as we don’t intentionally harm others, animals and our planet.

3 Hobbies I am Currently Passionate About:

  • Learning to speak other languages. Currently, I been learning to speak fluent Spanish. Then I hope to learn Sign Language and Danish as well.
  • Learning to play various musical instruments. Currently, I been learning to play the Guitar and Ukulele.
  • Start a musical instrument collection by buying one from around the world starting Christmas 2022. I have my eyes on a stunning Ghatam.

The One Life Lesson That Transformed My Life Exponentially: My life feels the most fulfilling when I give myself the permission to be a very complex, ever evolving and cranky pants human being.

3 Things I am Deadly Afraid of:

  • Being cold for a long period of time
  • Bugs with more than 4 legs
  • Not reaching my full potential

3 Things I Do Daily That Keeps Me Feeling Inspired and Passionate for Life:

  • Watch cute puppy videos for 30 min.
  • Every morning when I wake up, I vocally greet each day with an enthusiastic, “GOOD MORNING WORLD, LET’S PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE!”
  • I give myself permission to experience each moment fully without judging myself. This means I have learned to not judge myself when I am exhausted, cranky, forget to hydrate, return a text, etc.

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